Defiance College Gap Year - Defy the Ordinary

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Defiance College is a fully-accredited higher education institution in Defiance, Ohio, with a long history of service, service learning, and community-based research through its McMaster School for Advancing Humanity.

We're offering an interactive, online gap year course series that will explore community challenges and responses through the lens of COVID-19. This is a unique opportunity for you to develop your skills, prepare for your future, and positively impact your community.

Being remote doesn't mean you are stuck behind a screen during your gap year - you can learn with impact!
We feel it is important that these courses provide you the opportunity to utilize your knowledge and skills to better serve your community. Therefore, over half of each course will be focused on developing relationships that support your local community. We want you to get to know your community, its strengths and resources, and we want you to understand your community's challenges and needs.


Tuition = $525 per 8-week course.
No extra fees.
Payment is due prior to start date of course(s).


Yes! Every credit is eligible for transfer when you begin your collegiate journey. 


Fill out the gap year enrollment form before your selected course(s) begin to get started on your gap year success.

male student with glasses sitting at a desk with a laptop; he is smiling at the cameraDon't put your life on hold!
Find your voice, begin to lead, and lead with impact. It couldn't be a better time or a better opportunity to serve your community.
"To Know, To Understand, To Lead, and To Serve" is the mission of Defiance College and our commitment to the future.


Each course = 100% online/8 weeks/1 credit hour.
The courses can be taken independently, meaning you can choose any course or take every course. Courses in this sociology (SOC295) series will increase your research skills and improve your written and oral communication skills, as well as give you a greater understanding of real world challenges through applied academics and service. Each course's virtual learning community will introduce you to community-based research and allow you experiences that will enhance college and career readiness skills. Topics are based on Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

COVID-19 Impact on Food Security
Offered Fall 2020 (8/24/20-10/16/20)

The Economic Impact: Protecting the Poor During COVID-19 
Offered Fall 2020 (10/19/20-12/11/20)

COVID-19 Impact on Education Equity and Inclusiveness
Offered Spring 2021 (1/11/21-3/5/21)

The Capacity of Communities to Manage the Global Health Risk of COVID-19
Offered Spring 2021 (3/15/21-5/4/21)


Contact Mary Ann Studer, Dean of the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity, at or 419-783-2555.