Deborah Dalke, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Program: Psychology

Phone: 419-783-2449


Deborah Dalke


Social psychology is one of my favorite classes to teach. Students are surprised by how susceptible people are to social influence and by the impact that unconscious stereotypes have on thoughts and perceptions. I also enjoy cognitive psychology because it reveals the marvels of the human mind. It is miraculous that when we speak, in a fraction of a second the exact words we want march out of memory and fit into the correct location in a sentence! Research methods is another class I enjoy teaching. For students who want to go to graduate school, knowing how to design a study and analyze data will be essential for their success.


Dalke (2012). Solar Cooking project. Journal of The McMaster School for Advancing Humanity 7, 43-44.


Dalke, D. E. (1995). Explaining young children's difficulty on the false belief task: Representational deficits or context-sensitive knowledge? British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 13, 209-222.


Advisor for seven student senior thesis presentations at the 29th Annual Ohio Undergraduate Research Conference, John Carroll University (2015).

Invited speaker at the Rotary District 6600 World Community Workshop. Presentation on McMaster Trip to Ghana, Defiance College (2013).

Poster presentation: Mock Jurors are more likely to convict a defendant with eyewitness testimony than with DNA evidence but the reason for the conviction is less obvious, Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology,
Preconference on Social Psychology and the law, New Orleans (2013).

Presentation at Debating in Defiance. Race: biological or social? Defiance College (2012).

Guest panelist at the Poverty in America presentation hosted by the First Presbyterian Church, Defiance (2012). 


Ph.D. in Psychology, Pennsylvania State University
M.S. in Psychology, Pennsylvania State University