DC International 

McMaster School for Advancing Humanity

DC International Initiatives are Rooted in Strong Learning Objectives

Through participation within a DC INTERNATIONAL Initiative learning community and the accompanied immersion within an international setting, students will…

  • Examine differing cultures through research, immersion, and reflection
  • Apply communication, critical thinking, and problem solving skills learned in the classroom (pre-immersion) while traveling abroad.
  • Identify and articulate cultural differences
  • Research current world issues and document their observed impact on the country visited

2016 - 2017 DC International Initiative

Vancouver, British Columbia: A Search for IdentityDC International Vancouver BC Flyer

Students will immerse themselves in the rich history of British Columbia's Aboriginal people in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. The trip will be based out of Vancouver, widely considered to be Canada's culinary and cultural capital. Students will explore this classic Pacific Northwest city along with its surrounding coastal mountain and heavily forested environments. The participants will engage in a personal journey of discovery while learning how First Nations People have fought and advocated to reclaim their identity. Students will taste, experience, learn, and take the risk of knowing more about who they are through this thrilling adventure.

This trip is led by JoAnn Burkhardt (jburkhardt@defiance.edu) and Mary Ann Studer (mstuder@defiance.edu). Please contact them for more information.

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