Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Associate Professor of Education
Director of Hench Autism Studies Program

Programs: ASD Affinity ProgramAutism StudiesEducation

Phone: 419-783-2355


Clarissa Barnes


Academic and behavioral assessment, basic principles of applied behavior analysis, positive behavior support, single subject design, and autism studies


Research in K-12 settings with learners with and without disabilities


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Barnes, C. S. & Rehfeldt, R. A. (2013). Effects of a fluency training protocol on selection-
based and topography-based comprehension measures. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7, 639-647.

Barnes, C. S., & Rehfeldt, R. A. (2013). Advances in Language Interventions based on
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Barnes, C. S., Dunning, J. L., & Rehfeldt, R. A. (2011) An evaluation of strategies for training
staff to implement the picture exchange communication system. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 5, 1574-1583.


Excellence Award for Graduate Student Research, Southern Illinois University


Ph.D. in Rehabilitation, Behavior Analysis, and Therapy, Southern Illinois University
M.S. in Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Southern Illinois University
B.S. in Psychology, Western Michigan University