Jacket Journey

We put the hire in higher education.
We are the first 4-year college to require every student to participate in career-readiness programming from matriculation to graduation. This approach to education will equip DC students with the knowledge, experiences, and habits critical to achieving career success.


  • Develop the ability to apply career-readiness skills in pursuing your next challenge
  • Become uniquely valuable and competitive in today's workforce
  • Earn points by attending Jacket Journey events and simultaneously refine the soft skills employers want to hire. Top point earners win prizes!
Close up of dress pants and nice shoes walking up stepsSKILLS YOU'LL GAIN:
  • critical & creative thinking
  • effective written & oral communication
  • teamwork & collaboration
  • ethical judgement & decision making
  • digital technology

Your education is a journey. As a Defiance College Yellow Jacket, your journey will prepare you for a lifetime of professional possibilities. While most colleges tell seniors how to react when opportunity knocks, we teach students how to open doors for themselves.

Man in business attire with a briefcase walking on a road into a sunrise


Bridgette Winslow
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

419-783-2395 | bwinslow@defiance.edu

Tracy Armey
Senior Career Coach
419-783-2349 | tarmey@defiance.edu

Kim Esquivel
Office Coordinator, McMaster School & Institute for Career Readiness
419-783-2553 | kesquivel@defiance.edu

Kaitlyn Borgelt
Financial Literacy Educator & Career Coach
419-783-2350 | kborgelt@defiance.edu

Robyn Otey
Career Coach
419-783-2366 | rotey@defiance.edu

"To Know, To Understand, To Lead, and To Serve" is the mission of Defiance College and our commitment to the future.

Defiance College works with employers to learn the specific skills that are necessary for their industries and what skills they anticipate needing in the future. Pre- and post-program assessment data help us determine how to work together to unite higher education and workforce development.
Immersing faculty into business and industry for extended periods helps us better understand workforce development needs and how faculty can adjust instruction methods and learning objectives to meet those requirements more effectively.
Defiance College is leading the way to bring higher education and industry together to benefit our regional, state, and national economies. We provide a forum where educators and business leaders can articulate their objectives while working together to prepare students for successful entry into the modern workforce.
Through our efforts to develop future professionals, Defiance College is serving students, employers, and industries alike. We are responding to the challenges employers are expressing and preparing graduates for existing roles in their fields of study, as well as for careers not yet imagined.