Residential Maintenance

The maintenance department works hard to keep the residential buildings in good working condition. If a resident has a maintenance concern about their room or residence hall, they may report their concern by emailing

When reporting a maintenance concern, include the following:

  • In the subject line, please include the following: the building, floor/room number, and a short description of request. Example: Grand Avenue, Apartment F, A/C inoperable.
  • In the main body of the email, include other details. Example: A/C comes on, but keeps going off after about 30 minutes. Please be as descriptive as you can.
  • If submitting a report for the washers and dryers, please include the 6 digit ID number of the machine (3 letters and 3 numbers).

Please allow 3-4 business days for your request to be addressed. If is not addressed, contact maintenance at 419-783-2503 to check on the status of the work order.

If you need immediate assistance, please call our Crisis Response phone at 419-439-0359.